Two Different ways to check Train Running Status

India is Popular for Indian Railways. It is because it has second largest railway network in whole world and also the largest in Asia. There are 12,000+ Passenger Trains Transporting Millions of people on Daily Basis! With this much Complexity and Size, Sometimes Trains Get Late or Early than Scheduled Time for the Stations.

The Easy Solution is the check Live train running status. You get to know the Exact Arrival time on any specific Station you have to board the train from. It takes about 2 Minutes to check Train Running status. Here in this article, we will tell you about two such ways to check live train Status.

Let’s get started with the first one.

2. is the easiest website to check Train Running status. You just have to Open the website and Enter The following information in the Simple form given on the site.

  1. Train Number
  2. Date of Journey

Once you will Enter the information in the form and hit the Submit button, You will get the whole schedule of the train including the status for every Station through which train is going to pass.

In status, you will find out if the train is going to be late or early or will be on time on the station from which you have to board the train. It is Completely free website and you can check Live train status any time Completely free!

Sometimes, You don’t have internet connection to check Train Status online, In that case, you can go with SMS Method. Yes, you can check train status in SMS too! Sometimes, you don’t have internet connection but you will have network in your Phone.

2. SMS Method

First of all, Open Phone and Dial *139#. You will get List Just like the following one.

PNR Inquiry

  1. Arrival/Departure
  2. SPOT Train
  3. Seat Availability
  4. Fare Inquiry
  5. More …

Here in this case, you can select SPOT Train or Arrival/Departure whatever you want to know. Once you will select any of the option, you will get SMS to Confirm the Purchase from Indian Railways.

You have to Reply with 1 in order to Confirm the Purchase. It will cost You Rs.3 Per Inquiry But it is best considering you don’t have internet connection.

Once Confirmed, you will get whatever you have selected as SMS and That’s how you can check Live train running status using SMS.

Conclusion:In India, If you are travelling with Indian Railways which is Preferred Means to travel through Country, You must keep Checking the Status of the train in which you are going to travel. At most of the railway Stations, You will get free WiFi to access the internet. In case You don’t have internet connection, You can use SMS Method to know the status of your train!

If you Have any questions regarding this tutorial, You can Comment them down and we will do our best to solve your questions and queries as soon as possible for us! Happy Journey!